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Hello and welcome to Six Minute English! I’m Catherine.
And I’m Rob, and today we bring you a techy topic along with six up-to-date vocabulary items.
That’s right. And today’s techy topic is smartphones. So Rob, can you tell me which age group have been buying smartphones at the fastest rate over the last five years here in the UK? Is it…a) 15-35 year olds, b) 35-55 year olds or c) 55-75 year olds?
是的。今天的科技类话题是智能机。所以罗伯,你能告诉我在过去的五年里英国哪个年龄群的人购买智能机的比率最大吗?是a)15-35岁,b)35-55岁, 还是c)55-75岁?
OK. It’s got to be the youngsters. It’s got to be the 15-35 year olds.
Oh, well. We’ll see whether you got that right or wrong later on in the show. Now Rob, a question: how old is your smartphone?
OK, mine, I bought it a couple of years ago.
And are you happy with it?
Yes, I am. It works just fine. It does everything I need it to do.
So you’re not worried about not having the latest model?
Not at all. My phone works really well, it has all the functionality I need. And I’m not convinced that the latest model offers any more than the one I’ve got, to be honest.
Right. Well, functionality refers to the range of functions a computer or other electronic device can perform. So, let’s listen now to Andrew Orlowski, from the tech news website-The Register. He explains why people are holding onto their phones longer instead of rushing out to buy the latest model of phone.
好吧。Functionality指的是电脑或者电子设备所能执行的一系列功能。所以现在让我们听一下科技新闻网站The Register的安德鲁•奥尔洛夫斯基是怎么说的。他会解释为什么人们会更长久地使用他们的手机而不是急于去买最新机型。
What happened is that prices have gone up at the high end. And it’s kind of a cycle, where people hang onto their phones for longer, therefore manufacturers charge more. Then people hang onto them longer to justify that higher purchase.
So big brand names, like iPhone and Samsung, make phones at the high end of the market, meaning the expensive ones. So once people have bought a handset, they hang on to it! If you hang onto something, you keep it. I’ve been hanging onto my phone for a couple of years, and am hoping I won’t need to change it for another year or so, at least.
所以那些大的品牌,像苹果和三星,他们制造市场顶端的机型,指的就是那些昂贵的机型。所以人们一旦买了手机,就会使用很长时间。如果你hang onto someting指的就是你长久地保留它。我的手机已经用了好几年了,而且我希望至少在一年左右都不需要换手机。
But what happens is, if people aren’t replacing their phones, the phone manufacturers don’t make a big enough profit. So they start charging more.
And this, in turn, makes people hang onto their phones even longer! So that’s why Andrew Orlowski calls it a cycle. That’s where one event leads to another, and then often repeats itself.
So where will the cycle end?
Good question! Let’s listen to Andrew again, talking about where he thinks the smartphone market is heading.
I think it’s a very mature market now. And you have to compare, say, a £900 Galaxy Note or a £1000 iPhone with a spectacular TV you can… a 49 inch TV you can get for £450. No longer has that kind of must-have lustre that it might have had 4 or 5 years ago.
我认为现在的市场非常成熟。并且你必须要比较一下,一个900英镑的三星Galaxy Note手机,或者一个1000英镑的苹果手机,与一个49英寸,要价450英镑的的大电视比较。不再有那种四五年前那种必须品的感觉。
So what does ’mature’ mean, Rob?
Mature means fully-grown.We’re mature adults for example, Catherine! And in a business context, a mature market is where supply is equal to demand.
And if something has ’must-have lustre’? What’s that?
而且某些事(物)是否有must-have lustre?那指的是什么?
A must-have item is something you feel you must have. And lustre means shine.
A must-have item指的是你感觉自己必须有的某些东西。Lustre指的是光泽。
I love shiny new things, especially when it’s a nice piece of new tech. But £1000 is a lot of money for a phone. A spectacular 49-inch TV for only £450 sounds like a bargain though!My TV only got small screen.
Stop there, Catherine! It’s time for the answer to today’s question.
OK, so which age group have been buying smartphones at the fastest rate over the last five years here in the UK? Is it… a) 15-35 year olds, b) 35-55 year olds, or c) 55-75 year olds?
好吧,所以在过去的五年里英国哪个年龄群的人购买智能机的比率最大?是a)15-35岁,b)35-55岁, 还是c)55-75岁?
And I said youngsters, 15-35 year olds.
And you were absolutely wrong, I’m afraid, Rob! The answer is 55-75 year olds! Although research also highlighted that this age group tended to use their smartphones less than younger people.The study was based on a sample of 1,163 people questioned between May and June in 2017.
Interesting. OK, I think it’s time we looked back at the words we learned today. .Our first word is ’functionality’, which refers to the range of functions a computer of other electronic device can perform.
These two computers are similar in terms of both their price and functionality.’
Good example, Catherine. Number two, if you hang on to something, you keep it. For example, ’You should hang onto your old TV, Catherine. There’s nothing wrong with a 30-inch screen!’
Thanks for the advice, Rob. And our next word is ’cycle’. That’s where one event leads to another, and then often repeats itself. For example, ’I’m in a bad cycle of going to bed late, and then oversleeping in the morning.’
You need to sort yourself out, Catherine! You’re spending too much time on social media, and all that blue-screen time makes it very hard to fall asleep. The last thing you need is a bigger TV!
You’re probably right. OK, the adjective ’mature’ means fully grown or fully developed. And here’s an example of the verb form– ’My investments have matured and they’re worth a lot of money now!’
Right, moving on, a ’must-have item’ is something you feel you must have! For example, ’Check out the latest must-have tech bargains on our website!’
是的,继续,a must-have item指的是你感觉自己必须有的某些事物!例如,检查一下我们网站上最近必须的科技特价商品。
Like huge TV.
And finally, ’lustre’, which means shine.
For example, ’I polished my brass doorknob until it shone with a pleasing lustre.’
例如, 我擦拭我的黄铜门把手直到它闪耀着悦目的光泽。
OK, before Rob heads off to polish is doorknob, and I nip out to buy a new big-screen TV, please remember to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.


Which age group have been buying smartphones at the fastest rate over the last five years here in the UK?
A  15-35 year olds,
B  35-55 year olds or
C  55-75 year olds?